1. Expediting, for the giving off a certificate or reference depending on the account of the list of experdited bibliography:

  • about 100 copies_____________________________________20 New Azeri manat

  • for every next 100 copies_______________________________10 New Azeri manat

  • when more than 1000 copies,

  • for every additional copy_______________________________8 New Azeri manat

  1. To pay double for out of turn and traveling and reference.

  2.  For every protection certificate and certificate blank

  3. Trainings and belles-lettres for the students who go abroad for education have 50 % discount.

  4. While taking away from the country cultural resources in connection with international cultural ceremonies, such as exhibition, tour, restoration, presentation expert is hold free of charge specialist who is going abroad by the instructions of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.