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Exhibition: “March 8 is International Women’s Day”



The International Women’s Day, celebrated every year March 8, has traditionally transformed women's economic, social and political struggles, as well as courtesy, love and affection for women in general. Azerbaijani women, who have invaluable contributions in the centuries-old history of our cultural heritage, had given the world eminent writers, historical personalities and well-known figures of science and art that created the masterpieces of the world culture. As the expression of our national existence, preservation of our moral and spiritual wealth and cultural-historical values in the most difficult times of our past is directly related to their names.

On March 7, book exhibition entitled “March 8 is the International Women’s Day” was organized at the Azerbaijan National Library on the occasion of that holiday. Books on the history of that day and on the well-known women who have left mark on history were on the exhibition.