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  1. The historical monuments of Azerbaijan (I and II parts)

  2. Sabir Rustamxanli: bibliography

  3. Sadaqat Karimova: bibliography

  4. Samad Vurgun: bibliography

  5. Bakhdiyar Vahabzade: bibliography

  6. Kitabi-Dədə Qorqud: bibliography

  7. Qilman İlkin: bibliography

  8. New books -- 2014: Annotated bibliographic index: IV edition

  9. New books -- 2015: Annotated bibliographic index: I edition

  10. New books -- 2015: Annotated bibliographic index: II edition

  11. New books -- 2015: Annotated bibliographic index: III edition

  12. Annual Azerbaijan Bibliography –1988

  13. Annual Azerbaijan Bibliography – 2014

  14. The calendar of remarkable and historic days -2016

  15. Bibliographic innovative service at Library

  16. Methodical organization of activities at Libraries

  17. Organization of virtual service at regional Libraries

  18. Usage, protection and promotion of multimedia documents with the rules of Library.

  19. Abbreviation of words and word combinations in the bibliographic description of the documents.

  20. New literature on culture, art, and tourism 2015 (12 editions)